Running With The Stars is the best! This is my son's 3rd season and my daughter's 1st. They love the physical and social aspects of the program. RWTS makes running fun and cool for the kids! Kim and Jen are wonderful coaches - the kids love them. They're helping our kids understand the importance of being physically active while building their self confidence as well. As a family, we enjoy having the 5K goal at the end of each season - it's become a fun event for all of us - rain or shine! Thank you Kim and Jen!!
-Courtney & Michael    Belmont Station Elementary School Ashburn, VA
This was a fantastic experience for my son. He had no idea that he liked running but he loved RWTS. His confidence grew from the experience. The only negative is having to wait until next fall to do it again. Thank you so much!
-Parent   Evergreen Mills Elementary School
What an amazing program to promote resilience in children! No matter the ability level, Running With the Stars equips students
to embrace fitness, set goals, to work hard and to persevere to accomplish those goals. What great life long skills to equip children with! The sense of accomplishment for each runner is empowering and promotes resilience. My 3rd Grade son, Cole has been participating since First Grade with Mountain View's Running With the Stars Program under the excellent coaching of Brian and Connie Jaworski. Watching him be encouraged by older runners on the team to persevere and push himself beyond what he thought he was capable of and to see him strive to PR and encourage those around him to do the same has been delightful to watch as a parent. Cannot say enough about the outstanding Coaching that Brian and Connie provide and we are so incredibly thankful for their hearts to share their time and talents with the students at Mountain View!
Much thanks for a fabulous program!
Anne Miller
Running with the Stars got me in great shape. I can't wait to do it again next year!
-Zack, age 10   Potowmack Elementary School
I loved RWTS because I got to train with my brother and friends and run with my Dad.
-Hardy, age 9   Potowmack Elementary School
Running with Stars is Great program. My daughter loves this program, it's good to help kids with staying active with out stressing them. It builds good stamina in kids. Great Program and excellent, caring teachers!!!
-Neelam   Potowmack Elementary School
Hey kids! So, who’s thinking about joining the one and only RUNNING WITH THE STARS?! You heard me! The BeST running program in, let’s see… THE ENTIRE GALAXY! Who’s with me?! Well, if you’re ready for the most competitive challenge and phenomenal workouts, this is what you’re going for! My time with running with the stars; best days of my life baby! Speaking of which, at the end of the final 5k you’ll be getting donuts, juice, etc. for free! Plus, Mrs. Brewer is the most outlandishly nice instructor I’ve ever got! So repeat after me: GO RWTS!
-Yuki  Belmont Station Elementary School
I love RWTS because I get to run with Ms. Kimmy, my coach. My Mom and brother come to every practice and help, run and cheer. I am very excited to start again in March.
-Sara, age 8    Belmont Station Elementary School
Being part of the Running with the Stars program has inspired a true love of running in Anna. She loves feeling fit, being with friends, having fun, and looks forward to the 5K at the end!
I like Running With the Stars because I get to run and spend time with my friends. The race is a lot of fun, and Mrs. Brewer is a great track teacher.
-Luke, age 8    Belmont Station Elementary School
Our son has participated in Running With the Stars for 2 years now. Studies show that kids who partake in extracurricular activities excel in their education. We love that he has the opportunity for outdoor recreation in a non-competitive atmosphere; while he loves spending time with his friends. The scheduling is convenient and does not interfere with other activities. Coach Brewer makes it a lot of fun for the kids, and has done a tremendous job with the program.
-Terry & Christine, Ashburn
My son, Robert, finished Running with the Stars and it has greatly helped him with his other sports. I wanted to send you this note to let you know how pleased I am with the results. This story exemplifies the success of your program. Robert plays football and during a recent game he caught an interception and was able to run the ball down field and had a touchdown. It was an amazing run, and my husband & I immediately thought of you and how proud you would have been to see that run. Your program has made a considerable difference in his running abilities, and it is clearly the result of hard work on his part and your continued help and support.
You have a great program!
Dear Running with the Stars,
I am writing to let you know how happy we have been with your program. My daughter has been involved with the program for three seasons. It is great to see my daughter active and moving during the two weekday practices each week. Kim encourages the kids to keep moving, even if it means walking. Although my daughter is not a "runner", Kim and the other coaches have kept her interested and motivated enough to successfully complete the 5k each season... one time in a snowstorm! Thank you for providing a program that allows kids at all fitness levels to be successful,
-Jen C.
Running with the Stars was a GREAT experience for my 7 year old. He trained twice a week after school to run a 5K . It was a fun time for him and his classmates to build up their endurance and also to play some games. “Race day” was an adventure at the National Conference Center and all of the kids (and parents) were very excited. His smile was from ear to ear when he crossed the finish line. Thanks to Kim Brewer and her assistants!
Best regards,
-James H.
I am the parent of a third grader at Belmont Station who participated in Running with The Stars last fall. It is such a great program for introducing kids to running as a sport as well as the concept of maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. Even for kids who may not be track stars later in life - it is a great opportunity to get outside and exercise their bodies after a full day of school exercising their minds. The idea of working towards the goal of completing a 5K was very motivating for my son. The day of the race was a real victory for him as he completed the race with a respectable time and received his medal. He was very proud of himself. The race is set up like any adult race so it also gives kids the chance to experience what a race can be like - with all the anticipation, energy and rewards of completion. It is a great program for kids to get active, set goals and grow in their self esteem as they see goals met and exceeded.
-Debbie M.
My son loved it and it gave him confidence in himself. He was excited for race
day and finished strong. Thank you and we can't wait until Spring!
-Debbie Rumph
RWTS is great! It provides a healthy, fun, family friendly event that we all look forward to each season. The coaches are enthusiastic and encouraging and our kids learn to be stronger mentally and physically.
- The Atkinson Family