"My daughter LOVED being a part of Running with the Stars this past Fall. She has gained confidence, self assurance, and pride from both her running training and by completing her first 5K. She has talked about how much fun she had in Running with the Stars for the last month and keeps asking when it will begin again! Thank you for such a positive, rich experience."
Thanks, Tiffany B. (BelmontStation Elementary School)


Running with the Stars will be celebrating our 14th season in Fall 2017! Running with the Stars is an after school program consisting of girls and boys in first through sixth grade in the Northern Virgina and Maryland area. Participants train after school two times a week with a coach, typically a parent or teacher, to prepare for a 5K run/jog. This is a non-competitive activity where we encourage the kids to strive for their own personal best. Our goal is to promote overall health and an interest in exercise. Ultimately, the kids will have a great time being active with their friends and build confidence along the way.


Running with the Stars 
Spring 2017 Course Map
*If you are interested in coaching or helping to bring RWTS to your school please contact
kim@runningwiththestars.com for more information.
What Running with the Stars Coaches are Saying:
One family's review of Running with the Stars:

" We would like to share something very special that happened at the run on Sunday that really spoke to the quality of your children and the friendships and team spirit they have developed over the past 11 weeks. As the runners finished their 5Ks, with no prompting from the coaches, they made their way back toward the course where some of our first finishers had staked out an area where they could watch for their team mates and cheer for them as they neared the finish. The children could have simply gotten their snacks and gone and listened to music or played with their friends, but they cheered for each other. It was extremely touching and humbling as coaches to see them come together in this manner. We stayed and cheered until our final runner made her way across the finish, and it was amazing. Kudos to all of you for raising such giving and supportive children."
- Stenwood Elementary Coaches
THANK YOU to all who came out to the RWTS 5K on Sunday, May 21st, 2017!   We had such a great morning thanks to our runners, their buddy runners, our fabulous coaches, and a ton of incredible volunteers!
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Kim and Jen are already making plans for the Fall 2017 season!  A coach kickoff meeting will be held in August - check back for details soon!
Photos from the 5K are available to view on the Running with the Stars Facebook page.
We would love to hear your feedback.  Send testimonials and race day photos to kim@runningwiththestars.com!