Frequently Asked Questions:

 Q: How is the program cost for RWTS determined?

A: A percentage of the fee collected per runner is given directly back to the school’s PTA/PTO.  There are also many costs involved with running the program and 5K: insurance, covering the cost of coach’s children who participate at no cost, tee shirts for runners and buddy runners, website fees, timing, cone rentals, race permits, sheriffs, potty rentals, sound system rental, food and drinks for end of race, medals, etc. 

 Q: My child changed his mind about the program. Can you issue a refund?

A: (prior to season start) A refund requested prior to the start of season will be issued less the $25 administrative fee quoted during online registration.

A: (after season starts) Running with the Stars has a no refund policy after the season kicks off.  Once the rosters are set at each school, the RWTS team immediately starts making plans for the 5K.  This includes payments to employees as well as an outlay of money towards shirts, insurance, medals purchase, etc.  For this reason we do not issue refunds during season.

 Q: What are the incentives for coaching RWTS at my school?

A: RWTS gives a percentage of the registration fee back to each school’s PTA/PTO. Additionally, we offer an incentive for the two main coaches at each school to have their children participate for FREE! We provide a coaching binder with stretching information, games, healthy lifestyle topics, and practice samples to use as a guideline throughout the season.

 Q: Why is there a fee to pay for the program online?

A: The fee to pay for the program via credit card online is set by and paid directly to PayPal.  RWTS receives only the $135 program cost.

 Q: Can I pay by check?

A: Yes.  We will accept payments made by check as long as the payment is received prior to the start of the season.  If you plan to pay by check, please email your coach as well as Kim and Jen to confirm.  Registrations are not complete until payment is processed.

 Q: The tee shirt we received for our runner (or buddy runner) does not fit. Can it be exchanged for another size?

A: RWTS staff orders tee shirts for our runners and buddy runners based on what is selected during online registration.  We do not carry extra inventory since we change the shirt colors each season.  We sometimes have extra shirts if someone has dropped from the program. If you need a different size, you are welcome to email us asking for a trade but we cannot guarantee that it will be available.

 Q: Is there a rain date for the 5K?

A: No. The 5K will go on as scheduled rain or shine.  It is not possible to set an alternate date because the race is permitted and rentals for many items need to be secured months in advance. 

 Q: Why does my child need a buddy runner for the 5K?

A: We ask that each child have a buddy runner for safety reasons.  The 5K course is run on streets in Ashburn, VA.  We do cone off one lane of the road for our runners and also have flaggers or sheriffs at all intersections to help keep our runners protected while running the 5K.

 Q: Can an adult be a buddy runner for more than one child?

A: Yes.  An adult can run with more than one child as long as everyone stays together on the 5K course.

 Q: Can my child have more than one buddy runner for the 5K?

A: Yes. More than one buddy runner for a child is allowed.  The program fee includes one buddy runner shirt and only the child enrolled in RWTS will receive a bib and be timed.

 Q: Can I register to run the 5K on race day?

A: No.  The RWTS 5K is a closed event for only the children enrolled in our after school program. Buddy runners we not be timed and we do not accept race day registrations.

 Q: My child cannot make it to the 5K. Will he still receive a medal?

A: Yes.  We order a medal for each child enrolled in RWTS.  If you cannot make it to the 5K, please let your coach know so that they can pick up a medal for you at the finish line.

 Q: Where can I view pictures from the 5K?

A: RWTS will post all photos taken during the 5K on our Facebook page within a week of the race.

 Q: Where are the 5K timing results be posted?

A: The timing results be added to the RWTS website ( within a couple days of the event.

 Q: Are there prizes for the fastest finishers?

A: We do not award prizes.  RWTS encourages each runner to strive for his or her own personal best time.  We do time our runners with timing chips attached to the back of their bibs and post the results to our website after the 5K.  This publication is only meant to let our runners know their personal time in order to have a goal for their next 5K run.

 Q: Do you allow jogging strollers on the racecourse?

A: Yes, we do allow jogger strollers.  We ask that you start with the stroller down the road a bit where the runners start spreading out in order to be sure there isn’t a tripping hazard in the crowd at the start line.

 Q: Is it ok if I bring my dog to the 5K?

A: We do not allow animals at the race.  Some kids are afraid of dogs. Others are allergic. For safety and comfort reasons we ask you to leave your pets at home.

 Q: Can I volunteer to help at the 5K?

A: Yes, RWTS is very grateful for volunteers at the 5K!  We need help with flagging intersection, parking directors, clean up, etc. Please contact to sign up as a volunteer for race day.